Yanmar-Himoinsa Diesel Generators

Yanmar was founded in March 1912 in Osaka Japan and launched the world’s first practical small diesel engine in the early 1930’s. They produced their 10 millionth diesel engine in 1992.  Yanmar began supplying diesel engines to HIMOINSA for use in HIMOINSA’s generators in 2006 and acquired a majority stake of HIMOINSA in 2015. With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise, you can see why Yanmar has a well deserved reputation for technical advances in diesel engines.

HIMOINSA was founded in 1982 in San Javier, Murcia, Spain. It is known for the manufacture of diesel generator sets from 3KVA to 3.000KVA, gas generator sets from 8KW to 3.5MW and a wide range of lighting towers with a lighting capacity of up to 1.320.000 lumens.  HIMOINSA has a reputation for tough and powerful generators that are able to operate in extreme conditions. ( Link this to the Yanmar-Himoinsa Powerful, Quiet, Durable Article) Two Argentinean bases in Antarctica, San Martin and Esperanza, receive electrical power from HIMOINSA’s HFW 160 T5 and HFW 350 T5 generator sets. This gives Himoinsa the distinguished honour of powering the first permanent human settlement in the Antarctic!

Yanmar and HIMOINSA joined forces in 2015 to become Yanmar-Himoinsa, combining each company’s expertise to bring you the best diesel generators on the market. With all the options Yanmar-Himoinsa offers, it can be difficult to decide which genset is the best. To make life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best generators Yanmar-Himoinsa  has produced.

The 10 Best Yanmar Diesel Generators 2019

The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-8 T5 Canopy Diesel Generator.

Powered by Yanmar’s efficient and tough 3TNV76 diesel engine. This 8.3kVA prime runs extremely quietly with a sound level of 64dB(A) at 7 meters.  This model is perfect for use in mining installations, and has optional upgrades just for that purpose – the Mine Spec Modifications BMA / MDG15/ EES014 package.

The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-13 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator

 This genset is perfect if noise pollution is a concern.  It is one of the quietest models with a sound level of 59dB(A) at 7 meters – that’s about as loud as background conversation in a restaurant!   This genset is driven by Yanmar’s quiet and reliable 3TNV88 diesel engine. Due to its quiet sound output, this unit is ideal for use with a hybrid solar system, or as an emergency backup system at home. That doesn’t mean it can’t play dirty in mining or construction applications, though, as its optional upgrades include a Recessed Weatherproof Outlet Panel, Heavy Duty Galvanised Skid Base, Mine Spec Modifications BMA / MDG15/ EES014. Although this genset has 40 hour run time at 75% load, a range of larger fuel tank capacities are available by special order!

The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-13 T5 Canopy Diesel Generator

 If you need a little more power than the HYW-13 M5 puts out, consider the HYW-13 T5 to be its bigger brother. This Yanmar Diesel Generator is rated 12.5kVA prime with 13.4kVA standby, 50Hz, Three Phase, 240V / 415V and 0.8PF. It runs just as quietly as the HYW-13 M5 with a sound level of 59dB(A) at 7 meters, so you aren’t sacrificing sound quality for a power boost.   Optional upgrades include: Outlet panels, Heavy Duty Galvanised Skid Base, Mine Spec Modifications BMA / MDG15/ EES014,  and/or a range of larger fuel tanks available for special order.

The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-17 M5 Open Diesel Generator

Powered by Yanmar’s sturdy 4TNV88 diesel engine, this single phase diesel generator is rated at 13.1 kVA prime with 14kVA standby. This genset is perfect for smaller construction operations or agricultural applications. With its single phase circuit, this generator can provide an efficient, low cost source of power when use of high voltage tools or equipment is not a concern.

Yanmar Himoinsa HYW 20 M5 Canopy Diesel GeneratorThe YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-20 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator

With a super quiet enclosure (only 57db(A) at 7 meters!) and a 44 hour run time at 75% load, this 15.7 kVA genset is the perfect workhorse for residential backup use or integration with your solar or battery system. This model sports a 190 litre tank, and through special order, larger tanks are available to ensure you are never without power when you need it.

Yanmar Himoinsa HYW 20 M5 Canopy Diesel GeneratorThe YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-20 T5 Canopy Diesel Generator

Packing a little more power than the HYW-20 M5, this 20kVA prime Three Phase generator is just as quiet with a sound level of 57dB(A) at 7 meters. With its Three Phase circuit, this genset is at home in both a residential and work site use environment, packed with upgrades to better suit your needs and get the job done. 

The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-30 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator

 This Yanmar Diesel Generator is rated 26kVA prime with 29kVA standby. Even with a higher kVA output than the previous entries on this list, this reliable generator runs at a mere 63dB(A) at 7 meters.  This genset is ideal for residential backup, solar panel integration, or to power a small workshop setting. This unit sports a set mounted control panel with key or remote start controllers, complete with an LCD display giving you access to the generator’s engine and alternator parameters.

Yanmar-Himoinsa HYW 30 M5 Canopy Diesel GeneratorThe YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-35 T5 Canopy Diesel Generator

This impressive heavy duty model finds itself at home in mining or heavy duty construction use. With Yanmar’s steadfast 4TNV98 diesel engine powering this 34kVA genset, you’ll have nothing to fear from a blackout. It’s 190 litre tank allows for a 33 hour run time at 75% load, and of course, we can provide larger tanks via special order to ensure you get what you need.

Yanmar Himoinsa HYW 40 M5 Canopy Diesel GeneratorThe YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-40 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator

Pumping 30.8kVA with Yanmar’s surprisingly quiet (only 62dB(A)!) 4TNV98T diesel engine, this generator is ready for home or the work site.  With a 27 hour run time, this durable genset comes equipped with all the extras you would expect from Yanmar-Himoinsa: LCD display, remote start and key start controls, and a 240v battery charger for standby operation.

The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-45 T5 Open Diesel Generator

Yanmar-Himoinsa HYW45 T5 Open Diesel Generator Need a little more punch from your generator? This genset pushes 41kVA prime with the help of the powerful Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine.  This durable generator boasts superior fuel economy with a 120 litre fuel tank and a 17 hour run time at 75% load. This genset is suited for construction, mining, or agriculture use with its heavy duty battery assembly, heavy duty base frame and exhaust muffler. Though the set is open and louder than a canopied genset, it has a steel industrial silencer built in. If sound is a concern, an optional steel residential silencer can be added, reducing the generator’s volume by a net -50db(A)!

Still not sure which genset will best suit your needs or situation? Generator Power is more than happy to  guide you to the right Yanmar-Himoinsa generator for your purposes. Send us an email or call our locations in Sydney or Brisbane, and our team will get to work on the solution that works best for you.   

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