The One Size Fits All Generator

Over 300 people per month are looking online for a 10 kVA generators. A 10 kVA generator will power most small equipment for agricultural, construction and domestic uses. Diesel generators in Australia are becoming as common as scooters in Thailand and rightly so.

We are becoming more reliant on power than ever before and for many reasons such as keeping life saving medical equipment operational or a $50,000 tropical fish tank system maintaining optimum water quality & temperature conditions.

With an onslaught of generators being offered in to the Australian market, where should you start your research for the right product?

10kVA Generators and what you should know

10kVA Diesel GeneratorsThere are important questions you need to know in order to make a good buying decision.

  • Is the engine a ‘joint venture Chinese manufactured engine’ with a global brand stamped on the label?
  • Will the product actually be covered by a pain free warranty policy?
  • Should it be Air cooled or water cooled?
  • Do you need 3000 rpm or 1500 rpm?
  • Do you need Standby or prime rated?
  • 10 kVW GeneratorsThese questions and of course the price will form a big part of your decision making process.

I am a firm believer of “you get what you pay for”.

However, I also understand that there is a market for the ‘cheap & cheerful’ Chinese power products. These products have flooded our market. Some are built with a reasonable quality standard and others are a potential hazard waiting to happen. As a consumer you need to know which ones to steer toward. You need to ensure the generator complies to Australian Safety Standards whilst still keeping the price ticket affordable.

I personally work with our generator hire department to constantly review reliable products for our own diesel generator fleet. In doing so I have gained exposure to the majority of generator brands available on the market today. It’s amazing how constantly I’m being reminded that the Japanese do it best with small diesel engines.

The Japanese manufacturers have the market cornered on Engine performance, cost of ownership, fuel consumption & reliability.


Thousands of 10kVA Generators sold each year

10 kVA diesel generators in both single & three phase configuration are sold in the thousands each year. They are used in every application imaginable;

  • Agriculture for watering purposes
  • Telecommunication huts
  • Constructions site sheds
  • Mining camps
  • Expensive Aquariums
  • And even residential off grid solar back up


An absolute 10kVA diesel generator stand out

One product that is an absolute stand out for me is the HIMOINSA HYW-13 M5 diesel generator. It really is a “one size fits all” product and perfect for both prime & standby power applications.

Utilising the bullet proof Japanese YANMAR 3TNV88 diesel engine the generator also features class leading noise level – 59dB(A) @ 7 metres, 100 litre bunded fuel tank and 2-wire remote start for easy integration to a transfer switch or off grid solar system inverter.

A word from the editor

Aaron Generator PowerMy name is Aaron Robins, I’m the sales manager at Generator Power. I have been in the generator game for over 10 years. I have supplied generators to residential and commercial clients for a very wide range of uses. My aim in writing this short article it that I may be able to arm you with the right information in order to help you make a wise decision. There are many people who make poorly informed decisions in my industry. This commonly results in loss of finances, wasted time and bucket loads of stress. I believe in doing a job right the first time and with as little stress possible. As a result I aim to educate potential customers so that people avoid these issues before they happen.

Contact Generator Power and let us run through our Generator Needs Analysis in order to help you make the right choice up front!

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