Large Diesel Generators

A specialty of Generator Power

Generator Power provides open, canopy & containerised diesel generators with options for both engine driven & remote radiators with electric fans. Generator Power designs & manufactures super silent containerised generators to meet our customers noise level requirements with acoustically designed mufflers available in mild or stainless steel.

Open generators can be installed into plant rooms and used for emergency standby applications. Containerised generators can also be used outside for both prime or standby power applications and multiple generators can be paralleled together to form multi-megawatt power systems. 

Generator Power has a range of controllers that provide a load demand feature to ensure that you have the greatest fuel consumption optimisation available.  Depending on the application we can provide Cummins & YANMAR engine options in both mechanical & the latest electronic technology configurations. 

Generator Power also provide complete fuel systems with fuel management control panels, bulk auxillary fuel tanks & fuel filtration components to prevent contamination. 

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