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If you are looking for quiet, clean and safe energy, look no further than our inverter generators.

Generator power is the most trusted supplier of inverter generators in Sydney, Brisbane, and the ACT. As acclaimed specialists in all things power generation, thousands of Australians trust us for all their power needs. We carry an extensive range of inverter generators together with generator parts and accessories to meet all your power supply needs. If you are looking for a compact, reliable, efficient and easy to carry inverter generators to power your sensitive devices look no further than the range below.

Covering all your sensitive power needs

Generator Power is never short of options to cover all your sensitive power needs. Our extensive range of inverter generators is a great alternative to traditional generators. With their advanced design, inverter generators maintain a constant flow of current making it possible to safely power sensitive equipment and devices such as fridges, laptops, lights, and phones. Inverter generators are also relatively quieter, lighter and more fuel efficient than conventional generators.

Our range of inverter generators comes from the leading brands across the globe. They feature the latest inverter technology in the market to maximise efficiency. By producing a pure sine wave, these inverter generators offer the cleanest and best power with extremely accurate voltage level. This property unique to inverter generators makes them very popular for domestic backup requirements and recreational uses. All the generators in our range also come with noise reducing casing and acoustic paneling for quiet operation. Additionally, by automatically adjusting the engine speed to optimum level given the usage load, these generators guarantee greater fuel efficiency than conventional generators.

Our clients order inverter generators for a wide variety of applications including camping, outdoor activities, caravanning and home backup power solutions. One thing is a fact; these generators are built for people on the go including powering small power tools and low power applications. If you are in doubt or don’t know if our inverter generators can meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that you find a power solution that matches your needs.

Providing clean, safe and reliable power across Australia

All generators in our range come with a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees long-term functionality. We maintain a rigorous policy to ensure that all our products meet not only our client’s requirements but also all other regulatory industry standards in Australia. Excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our service starts on the first phone call and doesn’t end over the lifetime of our relationship with you. To us you are not just a number, you are a valued part of our business. Our enduring company mission is to provide every customer with the best products from leading brands at competitive process and with exemplary service. Moreover, we go to great lengths to ensure that we realise this mission.

In addition to providing reliable mobile generators, we also ensure that you have the peace of mind to meet your objectives and not worry about a generator breakdown. We offer a wide range of generator accessories and parts so you can keep your generator operating optimally. With our versatile team of technical specialists, we also provide ongoing support and maintenance for the life of the generator.

If you are looking for a reliable, clean and safe source of power on the go, generator power is here to spoil you with choice. We offer a wide variety of highly reliable inverter generators having the latest technology and an easy to transport design for an all-round reliable generator.

Inverter Generators for hire

Solving all your emergency and temporary power needs

Are you planning to go out of town camping or hold some outdoor recreation activities but do not have a generator at hand, worry not, Generator Power is here to help. We have a cost-effective solution for you. In addition to supplying new generators all across Australia, we also hire out our generators to clients with temporary or emergency power needs. Our extensive range of inverter generators are available for hire at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. We always have a fleet on the ready to meet your needs where you are in Australia in a moment’s notice.

Hiring is a cost-effective solution to temporary and emergency power needs. If you are getting out of town on a short camping trip, you do not have to purchase a new mobile generator. You do not also have to borrow from your mate as you are not guaranteed of the safety and reliability of what they give you. If you need a safe and reliable temporary power source, contact us and leave the rest to us. Our range of inverter generators is popular with people who need clean, safe and dependable power for their sensitive devices and equipment. By producing a full sine wave, our inverter generators guarantee the safety of your connected devices. Additionally, our inverter generators are extremely quiet and show greater fuel efficiency over conventional generators.

The inverter generators for hire in our fleet range from 2 to 200 kVA. They are reliable sources of power in a variety of applications in different types of environments. We make sure all of our equipment is tested for safety and functionality before we hire it out. Additionally, we provide generator accessories and parts so that you can keep your generator at peak performance.

Do you need clean, safe and reliable energy for your sensitive devices and equipment? Generator power has the most extensive range of inverter generators to match all your needs. Choose one from the range below. If you are having a problem deciding, contact us today. Our team of technical specialists will guide you.

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