Distribution Boards

The distributions and continuity of electricity are critical to the effectiveness of your genset. Distribution boards are responsible for properly regulated power distribution and safety. Sometimes referred to as consumer units, breaker panels or panel boards, distribution boards are sensitive components in a power system. By supplying power to subsidiary units, they allow you to reap maximum benefit from your genset safely and effectively.

At Generator power, we have both single and three phase distribution boards available for hire. With this range, we see to it that every event is safely supported. Each distribution board also includes a protective fuse or circuit breaker. Additionally, one or more RCBOs (residual current breakers with over-current protection), MCB (miniature circuit breaker) or RCDs (residual current devices) are included. All this measures are taken to guarantee your safety and improve efficiency. Our equipment is thoroughly tested and certified then complemented by on-going support and maintenance. Browse the distribution boards below for short-term or long-term hire with options for extension leads to make connection between distribution board and generator fast and effortless.


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