Generator Transfer Switches

At Generator Power we supply industry-leading Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) to help automate your power supply when using a backup generator set

An ATS switches the power supply between the mains supply and a standby generator in the event of a power grid failure – automatically ensuring a continual supply of electrical power.

A full range of open and closed transition transfer switches are available, from a single phase transfer switch up to 160amp, to a 3 phase transfer switch up to 4000Amps.

ATSs are applicable for critical power needs in many environments ranging from:

  • Agriculture
  • Light Commercial applications to the
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Telecommunication
  • Data Centre Facilities

Our wide selection is guaranteed to meet all your transfer switch needs.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Transfer Switch?

An ATS is a device that transfers a power supply from its main source (the power grid) automatically to a backup generator when it senses a failure or outage occurring in the primary source until utility power is restored.

The ATS is connected to both primary and backup power generators, and serves as an intermediary between the power sources and your building, facility or equipment, acting as an electrical relay.

How Does A Transfer Switch Work?

The main breaker in the ATS switches the power source from your utility power to a standby generator. You cannot connect both the generator and utility power at the same time. The main breaker transfers power from one source to the other, when it's needed. This prevents the generator power from back-feeding through the utility lines and utility power from back-feeding into the generator.

The transfer switch also contains a number of circuits. You can assign loads to different circuits to power different applications. Depending on the size of a power generator, it may not be large enough to power everything on every circuit simultaneously. In these situations, using a transfer switch will make it easy to switch between different loads.

In the event of a power outage, a transfer switch makes it easy to manage your power usage and helps you to maximize your generator’s effectiveness.

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