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HIMOINSA Generators: History in Brief

HIMOINSA generators are renowned for their high quality and reliability, however their history is rather humble. In 1982, when HIMOINSA opened the doors of its first facility in the small town of San Javier, Spain (whose population numbered less than 12,000 souls), it seems doubtful they could have anticipated that HIMOINSA generators would become the world renowned brand it is today. After 37 years of pioneering energy technology and research, that single HIMOINSA facility has exploded into 9 production centers, 10 subsidiaries, and a network of over 130 distributors which spans every continent and operates in 120 countries.

HIMOINSA’s Success

Part of HIMOINSA’s success lies in no small part to its development of smart business relationships. In 2006, Himoinsa partnered with Yanmar, a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer based in Osaka. The partnership between the companies blossomed into a mutually beneficial alliance, expanding both company’s reach into the global energy industry. In 2015, Yanmar purchased a 70% stake in HIMOINSA, further cementing their relationship. Even though Yanmar acts as the parent company of Himoinsa, it didn’t seek to modify HIMOINSA ‘s structure or staff during the acquisition. Instead, Yanmar left HIMOINSA to do what it does best: Manufacture world-class generators.

HIMOINSA Quality Process

HIMOINSA generators are designed and built with a customer based philosophy, utilizing a unique manufacturing process to ensure they produce best quality generator possible. In short, each HIMOINSA generator is ‘100% HIMOINSA ‘. HIMOINSA prides itself on the fact that it is a ‘vertical producer’, which means each component, from the generator body to the controller is designed, manufactured and tested at HIMOINSA ‘s world spanning production facilities.

HIMOINSA’S Core Focus on Quality

HIMOINSA ‘s greatest strength lies in its ability to control every aspect of the production process, therefore allowing their team to ensure each component integrates perfectly into the generator design as a whole. Every HIMOINSA generator is ISO 9001 compliant, built to BVQi certification standards, and is created with, as HIMOINSA puts it, ‘a core focus on Quality, Health and Safety and Robust Reliability.’

Since HIMOINSA controls the entirety of its own production processes, they also have the flexibility to build custom projects to client specifications, should the need arise for something outside the already impressive range of existing HIMOINSA generators the company offers.

HIMOINSA Generators for Every Occasion

HIMOINSA offers a large selection of generators, and here at Generator Power, we’ve got you covered. We have curated our selection of HIMOINSA generators to offer you the best quality and value for every conceivable application. Here are some of our favorites that demonstrate the versatility of HIMOINSA ‘s product ranges.

HSW 500 T5 Canopy Diesel GeneratorINDUSTRIAL RANGE: HSW-500 T5 Canopy

HIMOINSA ‘s industrial range (4kVA-863kVA) spans a variety of motive types and arrangements, but this unit is powered by an economical & reliable Scania DC13 72A (02-14) diesel engine coupled to a Stamford alternator, running at 500kVA when at prime or 550kVA when in standby. This incredibly quiet generator (73dB at 7 meters) is a perfect fit for any industrial use, such as emergency standby for a freight distribution center.

Generator Products HTW-780 T5 Himoinsa Containerised Diesel GeneratorHEAVY RANGE: HTW-780 T5 Himoinsa Containerised 20FT

The heavy range of HIMOINSA ‘s diesel generators starts at 670kVA and extends to a powerful 3495kVA. Though the heavy range encompasses many different types of configurations, some like this one are containerised. At 775kVA prime and 8356kVA in standby, this HIMOINSA generator works best for emergency standby, construction, mining, telecom, and other heavy industrial applications.

HTW-1745 T5 Himoinsa Open Diesel GeneratorMEDIUM RANGE: HTW-1745 T5

This range was designed by HIMOINSA for situations where high performance is required, but lower voltage is preferable. These HIMOINSA generators come with medium range voltage transformers or outputs. This particular open unit pushes 1736kVA when running prime, and 1900kVA in standby, and finds its niche when used for industrial and telecom operations.

Himoinsa HYW-13 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator


Generator Power is proud to offer the HYW-13 M5 Canopy, part of  HIMOINSA ‘s industrial range, for rental or hire uses. This smaller HIMOINSA generator is reliable in all conditions, and it shines when integrated into your solar, battery or inverter systems. It could easily fit into use for agricultural, mining, and construction applications. This particular unit runs extremely quiet at 59 decibels at 7 meters, with a 40 hour runtime at 75% load.

HIMOINSA Generators: Quality Name, Quality Product

The bottom line with HIMOINSA generators is that no matter your need, you’re getting a tough, reliable generator designed with the industry’s cutting edge in technology and engineering knowledge. With 35+ years spent perfecting their process and technique, driven by the brightest minds in the industry, HIMOINSA and Generator Power has you covered.     

A word from the editor

Aaron Generator PowerMy name is Aaron Robins, I’m the sales manager at Generator Power. I have been in the generator game for over 10 years. I have supplied generators to residential and commercial clients for a wide range of various uses. My aim in writing this short article it that I may be able to arm you with the right information in order to help you make a wise decision. There are many people who make poorly informed decisions in my industry. This commonly results in loss of finances, wasted time and bucket loads of stress. I believe in doing a job right the first time and with as little stress possible. As a result I aim to educate potential customers so that people avoid these issues before they happen.

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