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Looking for generators with 10kva power capabilities? At Generator Power, we’ve got you covered. Our range of 10kva generators are manufactured by some of the best brands in the industry, and supported by our expert sales team.

A 10kva generator is most suited to smaller applications, where power is required, but doesn’t have a massive drain on the power grid overall.

At Generator Power, we’re committed to dealing in and supplying our customers with only the best 10kva generators for sale, servicing and maintenance requirements, and a customer relationship upon which you can rely every time.

For more information on a quality reliable 10kva generator, contact the team today.

The HCY Compact Range

As one of the most trusted providers of a generator with 10kva , our exceptional range is extensive. Browse through our products today to find something to suit your requirements, or contact our team for assistance.

Model V Phases PRP
Engine Model Dimensions (mm) Bundled Fuel Tank Capacity (Lts) Weight
HCY-6 M5
240 Single 5.5 6.0 YANMAR 1529 78 928 38.9 430
HCY-9 M5
240 Single 8.0 8.6 YANMAR 1529 78 928 38.9 430
HCY-12 T5
415 Three 11.3 12.5 YANMAR 1529 78 928 38.9 430

New & Used 10kva Generators

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At Generator Power, we want you to get all you can out of your equipment. Not only are we trusted sales partners specialising in the Yanmar and Himoinsa range of quality machinery, our specialist 10kva generator service team are also more than capable of addressing all your servicing and machinery requirements.

Regardless of the brand, our team members always do their very best to make sure you're choosing a quality manufacturer and equipment that will stand the test of time no matter what you throw at it.

All our 10 kva generator models come with a full manufacturers warranty, which is peace of mind when investing in such a reliable product such as the machines we offer at Generator Power.

We’re even capable of providing you with a number of off-grid alternatives as part of the extensive range of generators professionals such as yourself have to choose from. This also includes all the equipment you’ll need to switch between two power sources.

The Benefits of 10kva Generators

Thinking of buying from our range of 10kva generators for sale? Here are some of the benefits our customers have enjoyed:


Regardless of your purpose, we have the 10kva generator for you. With a variety of options available throughout the range, we have the customisable solution you need to keep moving forward.


One of the biggest benefits of our product range is that 10kva generators typically require less maintenance and repairs than other machinery on the market. We specialise in servicing a wide range of types of generators with 10kva.


Our 10kva generators for sale are from some of the best manufacturers in the business, especially when it comes to power generation safety. With stringent quality control measures and safeguarding to ensure smooth operating procedures, if you’re looking for a generator you can’t go past our extensive range.


When contemplating purchasing or hiring a 10kva generator, it’s important to consider the ways in which it can be used. Some of the most common reasons people invest in a 10kva generator for sale are:

  • Use in domestic or residential settings
  • Powering appliances and utilities like fans, lights, washing machines, air conditioner, oven and personal computers

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Our 10kva generators are some of the best on the market. If you want your equipment to be truly reliable no matter the application, speak to our team today about the 10kva generator range.

When you choose Generator Power, you’re deciding to work with one of the leading suppliers of generators throughout Australia, backed by a brand with an illustrious reputation. From day one, our entire focus is on you and your satisfaction.

We’ll work you through the process every step of the way, to ensure you choose not only a quality generator, but one that will meet - or even exceed - your expectations. It is our priority to make sure that you receive the service you deserve and we’re committed to ensuring we provide just that.

Looking at buying a quality 10kva generator for sale? Generator Power is your go-to expert. Contact our team today.

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