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Unleashing Power, Building Progress

In the construction industry, the axiom is clear - time is money. Every project, from high-rise buildings to residential complexes, hinges on a stringent schedule. The lifeblood energizing these ambitious timelines? Reliable power. At Generator Power, we introduce you to an elite assembly of construction generators from industry titans, Yanmar and Himoinsa. Engineered to defy challenges, these powerhouses are your unwavering allies on the Australian construction frontier.

A Fusion of Power and Innovation

Yanmar Construction Generators:

Yanmar’s legacy is deeply entrenched in engineering excellence. Their construction generators embody a pedigree of innovation, offering seamless power solutions adept at navigating Australia's dynamic terrains and climates. Every Yanmar generator is a testament to durability, efficiency, and unwavering power, ensuring your construction projects remain immune to power interruptions.

Himoinsa Construction Generators:

Steeped in technological prowess, Himoinsa generators harmonize power and innovation. Each unit is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance in demanding construction environments. With Himoinsa, you’re not just acquiring a generator; you’re ushering in an era of uninterrupted productivity and operational efficiency.

Navigating the Australian Construction Landscape

Australia’s construction terrain is a complex tapestry of urban sophistication and rugged outbacks. Our curated selection of Yanmar and Himoinsa generators is tailored to transcend these complexities, offering bespoke power solutions attuned to the unique demands of each construction site. They are engineered to withstand the Australian climates, ensuring reliability from the scorching summers to the chilling winters.

Features Tailored for Construction Excellence

  • Reliability: Engineered to deliver continuous power amidst extreme conditions, ensuring operational consistency.
  • Efficiency: Optimized fuel consumption ensuring operational cost-effectiveness.
  • Durability: Robust designs ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.
  • Environmental Compliance: Eco-friendly models aligning with environmental regulations.
  • Technology Integration: Advanced control systems for seamless operation and monitoring.


The Yanmar and Himoinsa Advantage

Engineered Resilience:

These generators are fortresses of power, designed to operate seamlessly amidst the rigorous demands of construction sites. With features like sound attenuation and environmental adaptability, these generators ensure uninterrupted operation, optimizing productivity.

Technological Superiority:

In an era where technology is king, Yanmar and Himoinsa are monarchs. Their generators are embedded with advanced technological systems offering real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and operational efficiency, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in project execution.


Each generator is a chameleon, adaptable and scalable to the unique demands of diverse construction projects. With a range of power outputs and configurations, every construction need, from powering heavy machinery to site lighting, is meticulously addressed.

Empowering Australian Construction

At Generator Power, we are not just providers; we are partners in your construction journey. Each Yanmar and Himoinsa generator is a pledge of our commitment to empowering your construction projects, ensuring timelines are met, and excellence is a constant companion.

In the orchestration of concrete jungles and architectural marvels, power isn’t just essential; it’s critical. Every delay, every downtime echoes in the annals of operational costs and project timelines. At Generator Power, we negate these echoes, instilling a symphony of uninterrupted power, operational efficiency, and construction excellence.

Forge Ahead with Confidence

Yanmar and Himoinsa generators are ideal for construction
Their robust design, optimal performance, and technological integration ensure they are tailored for the rigorous demands of construction sites.

Environmental compliance
They are engineered with eco-friendly features ensuring minimal emissions and adherence to environmental regulations.

Installation and maintenance
Generator Power provides comprehensive support from installation to maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.

Compact Series

5.5-11 kVA

User friendly, the perfect compact power solution for homes, construction & mobile applications.

Stationary Series

10-50 kVA

Designed for stationary applications, incorporating a modular design with replaceable fuel tanks.

Contractor Series

10-60 kVA

Heavy duty generators designed to withstand the harshest Australian environments.

Industrial Series

6-600 kVA

Designed for continuous, prime & emergency standby applications, incorporating HIMOINSA's best in class canopy enclosure.

Heavy Range Series & Customized Solutions

700-3360 kVA

Available in Open, Canopy & Containerized configurations.


1 MW

Smart design, dual frequency & a robust YANMAR engine providing best in class fuel consumption.

Got Questions About Our Construction Generators?

As specialists in construction generators, we’re often faced with a lot of questions. Here, we’ve compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

On most construction sites, especially those in remote locations, electricity might not be readily available. If the project involves structures like residential complexes or shopping malls, power is typically provided upon completion. For infrastructure developments like roads, electricity might never be available. Thus, to ensure all construction equipment operates efficiently, using a reliable power generator becomes indispensable.

HIMOINSA generators are specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of construction sites. They are robust, safe, easy to operate, and are built to endure harsh working conditions. The design factors in the rugged outdoors, varying weather conditions, and the inevitable rough handling that occurs on construction sites.

Key features essential for construction generators include:

Non-stop working: Ability to provide continuous power.

Maximized running time: Ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Optimized maintenance costs: Low fuel consumption with extended maintenance intervals.

Easy transportability: Features like movement skids, lifting hooks, and integrated forklift rails.

Adaptability: Ability to function in extreme weather conditions - rain, snow, or intense heat.

Compliance: Adherence to international standards concerning gas emissions, noise emissions, and fluid leakage protection.

Yes, HIMOINSA prioritizes the mobility of its generators. They come equipped with features such as movement skids, lifting hooks, and forklift rails integrated into the chassis, ensuring ease of movement across the construction site.

HIMOINSA generators are equipped to work under various extreme conditions. Whether it's heavy rain, intense heat, or wet conditions, the generators' design and features ensure they function efficiently, making them ideal for the variable Australian climate.

Absolutely. HIMOINSA generators adhere to international standards, especially concerning gas and noise emissions. They also have robust protection systems against fluid leakages, ensuring safety and environmental compliance.

HIMOINSA's canopies are in-house creations designed to prevent water ingress, ensuring optimal protection against the elements. Made from high-quality sheet steel treated for salt spray resistance, they withstand stringent tests for oxidation, cracking, and corrosion. These canopies not only protect the generator but also extend its lifespan.

Yes, some models come with a parallel control unit, allowing multiple generators to be connected, thereby increasing potential power based on the specific requirements of a project.

Certainly! HIMOINSA provides a range of lighting towers, including hydraulic, manual, and KIT lighting towers, ensuring visibility on construction sites that operate post-sunset.

The collaboration between HIMOINSA and Yanmar, two industry titans, results in generators that promise quality, robustness, and high performance tailored to the power generation market's needs. Their shared expertise, combined with their understanding of the Australian market, ensures the generators are ideal for the region's construction needs.

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Yes, several leading companies have chosen Generator Power generators for their fleets. These generators have powered significant events, mining projects  and various applications, showcasing their efficacy in extreme conditions

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