The demands of various industries in Australia require tailored power solutions that are both robust and versatile. In response to this, Generator Power introduces Yanmar and Himoinsa Containerized Generators, epitomizing reliability, efficiency, and innovation. These generators are engineered to withstand Australia's diverse climates, ensuring seamless operations even in the most challenging conditions.


Generator Power is proud to offer an extensive range of Yanmar and Himoinsa Containerized Generators, designed specifically for the Australian market. These units, housed within durable, weather-resistant containers, are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure reliable power supply anytime, anywhere.

Their utilities encompass:

  • Emergency Power Solutions: Quick startup during power outages to ensure business continuity.
  • Sustained Operations: Ideal for continuous power supply in remote and off-grid locations.
  • Backup for Grid Failures: Assured power supply during unplanned grid outages.
  • Support for Maintenance Activities: Consistent energy during routine maintenance.

Their potential applications extend to:

  • Industrial Complexes
  • Construction Sites
  • Agricultural Farms
  • Rural and Remote Residential Areas


Our Containerized Generators from Yanmar and Himoinsa offer automated and sophisticated power distribution tailored for a variety of applications. The advanced technology embedded within ensures smooth operation, even load distribution, and minimal maintenance.


  • Durable Container Housing: For optimal protection and longevity.
  • Efficient Power Connectivity: Ensures reliable power supply.
  • Adaptable Power Options: Customizable to specific energy needs.
  • Integrated Cable Management Systems: For safety and efficiency.


Yanmar and HimoinsGenerator Power’s selection of Yanmar and Himoinsa generators is specifically crafted to meet the diverse needs of the Australian landscape, from the bustling cities to serene rural areas.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Power Outputs: Adaptable to varied energy requirements.
  • Real-time Monitoring Systems: For efficient operation and maintenance.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Components: Ensuring durability in all weather conditions.
  • Advanced Control Mechanisms: For user-friendly operation.


In the world of constant energy demands, our Containerized Generators stand as the epitome of reliability and efficiency. Designed to cater to the multifaceted Australian market, these units are the assurance of uninterrupted power, tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

With state-of-the-art control systems, these generators are not just about power supply; they offer comprehensive power management, real-time monitoring, and are engineered for optimal performance and durability.


Yanmar is steadfastly committed to engineering engines that epitomize reliability and deliver an unparalleled user experience. Every engine, turbo, and power system we create is meticulously designed to operate at the Best Efficiency Point (BEP), catering to both variable load (PRP) and fixed load (COP) applications.

This focus on precision and efficiency ensures not only optimal performance but also significantly reduced fuel consumption. As a result, our offerings ensure lower operational expenses (OPEX) compared to other market alternatives.

Compact Series

5.5-11 kVA

User friendly, the perfect compact power solution for homes, construction & mobile applications.

Stationary Series

10-50 kVA

Designed for stationary applications, incorporating a modular design with replaceable fuel tanks.

Contractor Series

10-60 kVA

Heavy duty generators designed to withstand the harshest Australian environments.

Industrial Series

6-600 kVA

Designed for continuous, prime & emergency standby applications, incorporating HIMOINSA's best in class canopy enclosure.

Heavy Range Series & Customized Solutions

700-3360 kVA

Available in Open, Canopy & Containerized configurations.


1 MW

Smart design, dual frequency & a robust YANMAR engine providing best in class fuel consumption.

Got Questions About Our Containerized Generators?

As specialists in containerised generators, we’re often faced with a lot of questions. Here, we’ve compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

The HIMOINSA 1MW generator set with a Yanmar engine offers reduced operating costs due to its low fuel consumption. Engineered with advanced technology, these containerized generators provide optimal efficiency, making them a cost-effective power solution for diverse applications, including mining, construction, events, and ports.

This model achieves low levels of fuel consumption thanks to the incorporation of the Yanmar AY40L-ET engine. The engine features Yanmar’s exclusive “ASSIGN” combustion technology, ensuring optimal fuel consumption across the entire operating profile and reducing noise and smoke emissions.

 It consumes 182.2 L/h at 75% load (50Hz) and 189.8 L/h at 75% load (60Hz), making it one of the most competitive in terms of operation and maintenance costs. The inclusion of a variable speed remote cooling system also contributes to energy consumption optimization.

These generators are equipped with heat insulated engine parts and a battery disconnector to ensure safety and equipment protection. They also include a heavy-duty air filter impurity indicator to extend filter change intervals, especially in highly dusty environments.

They are housed in a leak-proof 20-foot sealed container, certified for sea transportation, with multiple external accesses and strategically located wide doors for easy maintenance. LED lamps inside facilitate operation, and safety features like leak and smoke detectors ensure security.

It incorporates a parallel control unit that allows for connection with other generators to increase potential power based on project requirements. It's a flexible solution for power needs ranging from events to industrial applications.

Optional extras include a coolant pre-heating system with a built-in pump, a water separator filter, an oil refill kit, and an automatic crankcase oil filling system to ensure the oil level is always optimal, extending maintenance intervals and reducing operating costs.

Yes, this generator model allows for remote monitoring, enabling users to manage the equipment from a distance, enhancing convenience and operational efficiency.

They have been proven in various global settings, including major events, mining projects in extreme conditions, and applications in harsh environments like deserts, demonstrating their robustness and high-quality performance.

Generator Power offers these generators specifically designed for the challenging Australian conditions, ensuring reliability, cost-efficiency, and optimal performance. Their adaptability, safety features, and low operating costs make them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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