Heavy Range

Generator Series

From 700kVA to 3360kVA (Open, Canopy & Containerized)
Customised Power Solutions
Whatever the application; prime, continuous, backup, we know our customers require a reliable power supply to ensure continuity of operation and minimise risk.

Sample Equipment Options

Designed to perform in the harshest environments

Remote Fleet Management

Heavy Duty Air Filter

Oil Level Maintenance Kit

Oil Extractor Pump

Fuel Tank Refilling 3 Way Valves

Water Separation Filter / Optional

Engine Preheating Pump

Smoke Detector

Easy Access

Easy Maintenance

It has been shown that the HRY generator sets run 24/7 without interruption in extreme environmental conditions. The high temperatures, the dusty environment of the coal and the variable power loads demonstrate the robustness and high quality of this generator set.

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