Lighting Towers

Powered by class leading YANMAR engines that offer more efficiency, connectivity & safety.

Innovative design, high quality components, robust and reliable.

HIMOINSA provides a range of fixed and portable lighting tower solutions with hydraulic mast, LED lights, fuel efficient YANMAR diesel engines & the latest advancements in controller connectivity. Designed to offer the best performance for rental companies, events, construction & mining.

Compact Eco S5

Floodlights 4 x 350W LED
Mast Type Hydraulic
Mast Height 9 Mts
Total Lumens 191820 lm
Tank 100 Lts
Controller M7T

H-Box +

Floodlights 4 x 350W LED
Mast Type Hydraulic
Mast Height 8.3 Mts
Coverage Area Up to 6400 M2
Tank 220 Lts
Controller CET 81

Turning the market upside down

The new model incorporates innovative connectivity features and a two-cylinder Stage V Yanmar engine that ensures competitive fuel consumption levels. With a light capacity of 210,000 lumens, incorporating 4 x 350W LED lights and a hydraulic mast that can rotate 360°. It features a large capacity tank with a running time of 400 hours and generous 600-hour service intervals.


and Easy Maintenance

The new models of HIMOINSA lighting towers have wide doors on all sides, even on the roof, the upper part of the unit. Easy removable frames for cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Control and Power

Designed by HIMOINSA

Control units with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure simple and reliable machine operation. Designed to provide an optimal user experience.

Remote control from smartphone or tablet to check key indicators such as fuel level, running hours and to operate the machine itself. The new HIMOINSA lighting towers feature CAN BUS, which allows them to be connected to the C2Cloud fleet management module, as well as future hybrid variants and 100% electric.

Lighting Towers

Turn night into day

The Apolo compact lighting tower is portable making it easy to transport by any vehicle with a tow bar. 4 x 350w LED lights, heavy duty stabilising legs and a 100 litre fuel tank provide a running time of up to 166 hours. It also includes a jockey wheel, lifting hook and rear forklift pockets.


Competitive Advantages

Lighting towers with Yanmar (2TNV, 3TNV, 3TNM, L100...) two and three-cylinder engines, with optimised fuel consumption and up to 600-hour service intervals. Competitive advantages of an engine that has been designed by Yanmar, HIMOINSA's parent company, whose product developments are led by a multidisciplinary team with engineers, designers and technical experts working to ensure the highest efficiency and performance of the product.

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