In Australia's diverse and dynamic business landscape, having a dependable power solution is not just a necessity but an imperative. Recognizing this need, HIMOINSA and Yanmar present 3 Phase Generators, a range meticulously crafted to ensure consistent and unwavering power supply amidst various operational challenges. Engineered with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and safety, these generators are becoming an integral component of businesses nationwide.


To accommodate the varied requirements of Australian industries, Generator Power offers a comprehensive selection of HIMOINSA and Yanmar 3 Phase Generators. These generators are infused with advanced technology, ensuring they deliver optimal performance under Australia’s challenging climatic and environmental conditions.

Their utilities encompass:

  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Continuous Operations Support
  • Grid Failures Contingency
  • Maintenance and Testing Activities

Their potential applications extend to:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Premises
  • Rural and Agricultural Settings
  • Any location requiring reliable, uninterrupted power


HIMOINSA and Yanmar 3 Phase Generators are renowned for their fully automated or tiered power distribution, precisely tailored for varied industrial equipment. They guarantee smooth operations, effectively mitigating risks associated with fluctuating power supplies.


For businesses and rural residents that require flexibility, our portable 3 Phase Generators are the perfect choice. They offer:

  • Robust bases for easy mobility
  • Reliable power connections
  • Supplementary power units for enhanced control and power
  • Efficient cable management systems for safety and convenience



Generator Power’s array of HIMOINSA and Yanmar generators are designed for diverse industrial needs, offering unwavering power support tailored for the Australian market.

Essential Features:

  • Accurate power distribution
  • Real-time monitoring
  • User-friendly controls
  • Advanced circuit systems
  • Overheat and malfunction prevention mechanisms
  • Corrosion-resistant components, ensuring longevity


Australian industries require power solutions characterized by robustness and reliability. These generators are crafted to meet and exceed these requirements, ensuring that businesses, including rural and agricultural operations, never experience downtime

State-of-the-art control systems ensure extensive power evaluations, meticulous monitoring, and comprehensive reporting, assuring functions without unexpected interruptions.


Generator Power is committed to providing HIMOINSA and Yanmar 3 Phase Generators that stand as pillars of reliability and efficiency. Every generator is an embodiment of technological advancement and innovation, designed to offer a seamless power solution. Australian industries, including those in remote and rural areas, can now operate with the confidence that power will always be available, efficient, and reliable.

For tailored solutions that match your specific operational needs and to explore the extensive range of our 3 Phase Generators, contact Generator Power – your trusted partner in empowering Australian industries with uninterrupted, efficient power supply.

Compact Series

5.5-11 kVA

User friendly, the perfect compact power solution for homes, construction & mobile applications.

Stationary Series

10-50 kVA

Designed for stationary applications, incorporating a modular design with replaceable fuel tanks.

Contractor Series

10-60 kVA

Heavy duty generators designed to withstand the harshest Australian environments.

Industrial Series

6-600 kVA

Designed for continuous, prime & emergency standby applications, incorporating HIMOINSA's best in class canopy enclosure.

Heavy Range Series & Customized Solutions

700-3360 kVA

Available in Open, Canopy & Containerized configurations.


1 MW

Smart design, dual frequency & a robust YANMAR engine providing best in class fuel consumption.

Got Questions About Our 3 Phase Generators?

As specialists in 3 phase generators, we’re often faced with a lot of questions. Here, we’ve compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

3 Phase Generators are power supply units designed to deliver electricity in three different waves, ensuring continuous and steady power. In the Australian business landscape, they offer enhanced efficiency, power larger loads, and provide a more reliable and stable power supply, essential for operations that cannot afford interruptions.

Absolutely. These generators are engineered to provide optimal performance in various environments, including rural and remote areas. They offer a reliable power solution for agricultural operations, ensuring that even in the most isolated locations, power remains uninterrupted.

HIMOINSA and Yanmar 3 Phase Generators are versatile, capable of powering a wide range of industrial and agricultural machinery. They are suitable for manufacturing units, farming equipment, commercial premises, and any setting that demands a steady and reliable power supply.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these 3 Phase Generators automatically kick in within seconds of a power outage. Their rapid response ensures that operations, whether industrial or agricultural, continue seamlessly, minimizing downtime and associated costs.

Noise reduction is a key focus in the design of these generators. They are equipped with high levels of soundproofing to ensure minimal noise emissions, making them suitable for residential areas and quiet operational environments.

Maintenance is straightforward and user-friendly. Every generator is designed with easy access to serviceable fluids and consumables. Regular maintenance checks, as provided in the user manual, will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Safety is paramount. These generators come with anti-vibration supports, soundproofing, and external connection points. All models are compliant with international safety standards, ensuring the safety of both the equipment and operators.

Yes, Generator Power offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of different operations. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or agricultural use, we provide customized configurations to suit specific power requirements and operational environments.

HIMOINSA and Yanmar 3 Phase Generators are designed for fuel efficiency. Advanced technology ensures that they deliver optimal performance with minimal fuel consumption, making them cost-effective solutions for various applications.

Our team at Generator Power is available to assist you in selecting the right generator. We consider your power requirements, operational environment, and specific needs to recommend a generator that will offer optimal performance and reliability.

Environmental responsibility is a core focus in the design of HIMOINSA and Yanmar generators. They comply with emission standards and are engineered to minimize environmental impact while delivering efficient performance.

Generator Power provides comprehensive support and warranty options for all our 3 Phase Generators. Our team is committed to ensuring that you receive prompt and efficient service whenever needed.

Contact Generator Power for detailed information on the purchase process. We are here to provide you with all the necessary information and support to ensure that you acquire a generator that perfectly suits your needs.

Yes, Generator Power offers flexible financing options to facilitate the purchase of our 3 Phase Generators. Contact us to discuss the available options and find a plan that suits your budget.

Regular maintenance, proper operation, and adherence to the guidelines provided in the user manual will ensure the longevity of your 3 Phase Generator. Generator Power also offers maintenance services to keep your unit in optimal condition.

Contact Generator Power for More Information

HIMOINSA and Yanmar 3 Phase Generators, offered by Generator Power, are designed to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of Australian industries, including those in rural and remote areas. If you have further queries or need additional information, feel free to reach out to our expert team, always ready to assist you in powering your business efficiently and reliably.

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