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We stock a wide range of second-hand diesel generators, all quality brands, reliable and affordable, these used diesel generators.

Used Diesel Generators From World Class Brands

Generator Power offers a wide variety of high quality used diesel generators for sale. We have brand expertise with world-class manufacturers - Cummins, HIMOINSA, Iveco, John Deere, Mitsubishi, Scania and Yanmar. If you are not sure what size generator power you need then call us today on 1300 767 257, we will guide you through the sizing process to get the right prime or standby diesel generator for your application.

First of all what type of fuel do you want to use for the given generator you are considering. Obviously, a diesel generator will have advantages, but do you have a regular source of diesel fuel available in your area? If you don’t however, we offer refuelling services as part of the support packages we put together for clients - talk to us about this.

Then you need to consider where your used diesel generator is going to be located, you need to ensure that you can accommodate the size of the unit you need. Are there any fire and safety considerations that have to be met as well? Is there risk of flooding nearby or water exposure? If the first location doesn’t meet these concerns, you will need to rethink the installation and where it could work before buying.

Who is going to do the actual ongoing maintenance on your diesel generator once it is in place, installed and ready to go? It can’t simply be left to sit or run without regular upkeep and checking everything is working correctly. Maintenance is a key factor in getting the longest life out of a used diesel generator and your money’s worth in the purchase. we offer generator servicing as part of the support packages we put together for clients - talk to us about this.

Buy, Sell & Trade In

Used diesel generators for sale, contact generator power and get yourself a great bargain today. We stock a wide range of second-hand diesel generators, all quality brands, reliable and affordable. These used diesel generators deliver consistent power day & night. As we as used diesel generators we also supply parts, accessories & offer regular, scheduled refuelling services too, we have everything you need to keep you going 24/7.

Securing reliable power in remote locations and job sites can be a real challenge. Well, until now. You can now ease your worries and enjoy reliable, consistent power day and night with our used generators for sale, parts and accessories without breaking the bank. Choose from a wide range of dependable diesel generators with the specs to meet all your needs and applications. We carry the most trusted generator brands with genuine spare parts. All this at incredible bargains and fantastic value.

Many Australians have trusted Generator Power to provide them with reliable used generators. The generators in our range are serviced by us, they are fully tested to ensure that they will give you peak performance, even in the harshest of conditions and environments. Additionally, with every purchase, we have a team of technicians with years of experience and extensive knowledge regarding generators and are always happy to provide ongoing support and maintenance - wherever you are.

Used Diesel Generators for sale – Don’t let these great deals pass you by.

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