Built with the farming community in mind, Yanmar Agriculture Generators are designed to ensure consistent and reliable power supply in all agricultural scenarios, offering unmatched reliability and resilience.


To support contemporary farming and agro-business operations, we present an adaptive selection of automatic and manually operated Yanmar Agriculture Generators. These generators have been intricately designed to brave the demanding terrains and climates of rural landscapes.

The utilities include:

  • Energizing Machinery
  • Continuous Farm Operations
  • Grid Failures Backup
  • Routine Maintenance Tasks

Potential applications cover:

  • Agricultural Homesteads
  • In-field operations
  • Continuous installations for uninterrupted power

Adaptive Power Regulation

Yanmar Agriculture Generators seamlessly provide either fully automated or step-wise power distribution, specifically tuned for diesel or gas-driven farm equipment. Their precision ensures balanced generator operations, avoiding complications arising from minimal load runs.

Handheld Operational Units

For agriculturalists who are constantly on the move, our portable Yanmar Agriculture Generators are the solution. They encompass a broad range of load capacities fitting for diverse rural energy needs. Available features include:

  • Durable galvanized bases for mobility
  • Reliable power linkage
  • Auxiliary power sources for control and additional supply
  • Phase adjustment switches
  • Practical Cable Management Provisions


Our Yanmar generators, tailored for various farm requisites, pledge unwavering power support across different farm terrains - from crop fields to livestock units. 

The spectrum includes dedicated single phase, multi-phase, and tri-phase generators, suitable for a broad span of energy requirements.

Key Attributes:

  • Optimal power distribution
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • User-friendly controls
  • Advanced circuit systems
  • Overheat and malfunction prevention mechanisms
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components


Australian agriculture demands robustness and resilience. Yanmar generators, with their proven track record, offer an unwavering commitment to reliability. Whether battling the unpredictable Australian weather patterns or supporting continuous farm operations, these generators stand tall, ensuring that the heartbeat of the farm never skips a beat.

Crafted for endurance, Yanmar generators incorporate cutting-edge controls that facilitate comprehensive power evaluations. Their rigorous monitoring systems and detailed reporting mechanisms ensure that farms can maximize their operations' efficiency without any unforeseen power hiccups.


Focusing on the unique challenges faced by Australian farms, the Yanmar Agriculture Generator lineup offers an array of features catered specifically for farming machinery and operations. Recognizing the fluctuating power demands of farms, these generators are engineered to maintain a consistent and efficient power supply, avoiding any potential disruptions.

One of the standout features of Yanmar agriculture generators is their adaptability. Their modifiable settings offer farms the luxury of real-time power adjustments, ensuring a continuous, optimized power supply regardless of the varying demands. From standard power setups to more specialized requirements, Yanmar's range promises to cater to the diverse energy needs of Australian agriculture.

Compact Series

5.5-11 kVA

User friendly, the perfect compact power solution for homes, construction & mobile applications.

Stationary Series

10-50 kVA

Designed for stationary applications, incorporating a modular design with replaceable fuel tanks.

Contractor Series

10-60 kVA

Heavy duty generators designed to withstand the harshest Australian environments.

Industrial Series

6-600 kVA

Designed for continuous, prime & emergency standby applications, incorporating HIMOINSA's best in class canopy enclosure.

Heavy Range Series & Customized Solutions

700-3360 kVA

Available in Open, Canopy & Containerized configurations.


1 MW

Smart design, dual frequency & a robust YANMAR engine providing best in class fuel consumption.

Got Questions About Our Agriculture Generators?

As specialists in agriculture generators, we’re often faced with a lot of questions. Here, we’ve compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Generators ensure uninterrupted power supply, which is crucial for many farming Generators, particularly those from trusted brands like Yanmar and Himoinsa, play a pivotal role in ensuring that agricultural processes run smoothly. They provide an uninterrupted power supply for critical farm activities like irrigation, dairy processing, and crop storage, thereby safeguarding productivity and profits.such as irrigation, dairy operations, and cold storage.

Determining the correct size involves evaluating the combined wattage of all equipment you intend to power. Both Yanmar and Himoinsa offer a range of generators tailored to different energy needs, ensuring that farmers can select an option that provides optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Yanmar and Himoinsa, are crafted to meet the distinct demands of farming, from longer run times to specialized power outputs, and a rugged build to withstand outdoor conditions.

Yanmar and Himoinsa, are crafted to meet the distinct demands of farming, from longer run times to specialized power outputs, and a rugged build to withstand outdoor conditions.

Regular maintenance is the key to extended lifespan and efficient performance. For both Yanmar and Himoinsa generators, a basic service every 6 months and a detailed inspection annually is recommended. However, usage patterns can influence these intervals.

Certainly. Yanmar and Himoinsa generators are versatile powerhouses, designed to manage diverse farming needs. Ensure that the chosen generator can cater to the cumulative energy requirements of your operations.

Yanmar prioritize fuel efficiency. Yanmar and Himoinsa generators are designed to maximize power output per litre of fuel, leading to substantial savings over time.

Predominantly, these generators are diesel-powered, renowned for their efficiency and reliability. However, specific fuel recommendations are model-dependent, so always consult the user manual.

Generator Power maintains a broad network of service centers. Should you encounter any issues, contact the team at Generator Power for prompt assistance.

Constructed with the challenging Australian climate in consideration, these generators are equipped with features that resist wear from elements, ensuring sustained performance even in the harshest conditions.

Indeed, both Yanmar and Himoinsa offer comprehensive manufacturer warranties, underlining their commitment to quality and durability. The specifics of these warranties can vary, so always clarify terms with your dealer.

With proper configuration, these generators can seamlessly integrate with renewables, such as solar panels or wind turbines, facilitating a versatile and sustainable energy solution for your agricultural operations.

For any further queries or insights into how Yanmar and Himoinsa generators from Generator Power can elevate your agricultural productivity, please get in touch. Our expert team is always on standby to assist you!

YANMAR GENERATORS - The Farmers Choice

In the dynamic landscapes of Australian agriculture, having a power solution that's both robust and adaptable is paramount. Yanmar generators, with their exceptional durability and tailored efficiency, are designed with the Aussie farmer in mind. From enduring extreme climatic conditions to meeting the diverse energy needs of farming tools, Yanmar stands out as the preferred choice. If you're keen to elevate your agricultural operations with a partner that understands your unique challenges, we invite you to reach out and discover the Yanmar difference.




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