HSY Stationary

Generator Series

Designed for stationary applications, incorporating a modular design with replaceable fuel tanks.

The HSY Stationary Range

Model PRP
Engine Dimensions (mm) Bundled Fuel Tanks (L)
HSY-10 M5
7.5 Yanmar 1725 750 1270 100
HSY-15 M5
12.1 Yanmar 1725 750 1270 100
HSY-20 M5
16.2 Yanmar 1980 750 1270 115
HSY-40 M5
32 Yanmar 2200 910 1350 170
HSY-15 T5
12.7 Yanmar 1725 750 1255 100
HSY-25 T5
21 Yanmar 1980 750 1270 115
HSY-30 T5
30 Yanmar 2200 910 1350 170
HSY-50 T5
42 Yanmar 2200 910 1350 170
HSY-65 T5
60 Yanmar 2600 1500 910 195
HSY-80 T5
73 Yanmar 2600 1500 910 195
HSY-90 T5
83 Yanmar 2600 1500 910 195

Easy Installation, Easy Handling

7.5-83 kVA

This new canopy concept 100% adapted to stationary applications, incorporates multiple access points and removable doors that enable easy cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. Quality finishes and details, according to the HIMOINSA standard.

New modular and versatile design
guarantees easy installation and handling

This new canopy concept, 100% suited to stationary applications, includes multiple accesses and removable doors to ease the tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

Quality finish and details in line with HIMOINSA standards.

Versatile, scalable, functional...

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Optimized location and arrangement of air inlet vents to mitigate noise.


Wide accesses, strategically located, which ease access for maintenance.


Anti-vandalism locks of high hardness and tensile strength with snap lock with key.

Radiator Filling

External access for radiator cooling filling.

Anticorrosion Painting

Treatment of steel sheets before painting process to improve corrosion resistance.

Removable Doors

Large removable doors. A pivot system has been incorporated in the lower part of the doors which, when fitted inside the set back punching, perform the exact pressure for sealing with the weatherstrip.

Control and Connections

Facilitate installation and control of the generator set

Its version with ATS integrated in the control panel simplifies the connection to the grid without the need to have an external switch panel in any other area of the room. Also available in the version for external switching with different settings of control panels and power according to the installation's needs.


AC5 digital automatic control panels with integrated switching that ease the installation and control of the genset from the same panel. (Check availability according to configuration)


HIMOINSA Grid-Generator external switchboards that allow a fast response to the power supply to any grid failure. IP55 protection index that guarantees the level of tightness and insulation.


New generator sets concept

Modular and versitile design to incorporates different metal fuel tanks with varying capacities and running times.

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