Design + Supply + Installation + Commissioning + Maintenance = Single Source Project Solutions

We offer comprehensive project solutions supported by our in-house team of project managers, engineers, installation trades and commissioning technicians

Our product offering includes diesel, gas and battery technologies to suit a wide range of industry applications such as commercial, hospitals, data centres, telco, mining, construction, agriculture and critical infrastructure. All of these products can be customised to meet specific project requirements.

Our project experience over many years enables us to provide extensive examples of comparable project installations to our clients highlighting our in-house capabilities.

Design & Construct

  • Our experienced Project Management team will provide a detailed project specific D & C submission for approval. We involve consultation with key stakeholders to ensure that the essential requirements of the project are met.
  • Our design and construct solutions cover all of the key sub-systems such as acoustics, ventilation, exhaust, fuel storage (with automated transfer), electrical integration, load management and remote monitoring thereby providing a single source capability for turn-key projects.
  • Considered essential to deliver projects on schedule and within budget, our ability to design and manufacture key components in-house is a key contributor to our Company being the preferred supplier by many clients such as consultants, electrical contractors, builders and end users.

Fuel Systems

  • We have the in-house ability to design, supply and install fuel systems to meet your project scope, compliant to industry standards.
  • Fuel storage options such as underground bulk tanks, fuel tank chamber rooms, fire rated fuel tanks and external dual wall above ground bulk tanks can be provided in various capacities to suit project requirements.
  • The transfer of fuel from storage tank/s to engine/s is managed by PLC controlled automated fuel transfer systems including pumps, fuel filtration, level detection, safety protection and BMS integration.

Ventilation and Acoustics

  • We provide engineered designs for ventilation and acoustics to ensure the transfer of heat and noise meets project requirements and ensures optimal performance of the generator system.
  • Whether the generator is cooled by a standard radiator or complex remote cooling solution, we can provide ventilation systems that give consideration to air flow and heat transfer requirements.
  • Acoustic requirements can be met with a wide range of solutions including fan design, air attenuators, acoustic lining of noise sensitive walls / ceilings and isolated mounting plinths. Noise solutions for the engine exhaust include a comprehensive range of muffler and silencer designs giving particular attention to the maximum allowable noise level at the various sensitive receivers of the project site.

In-house Installation Team

  • Our team includes a range of qualified and experienced project managers, engineers and technicians who hold complimentary responsibilities in delivering projects to our wide range of clients all over Australia.
  • Having in-house capabilities provides multiple benefits to our clients including seamless communication, scheduling and installation coordination.
  • We are proud of the capability that we are able to offer our clients, developed over the many years of our involvement in generator installations and site upgrades.


  • The commissioning stage of a project typically involves multiple contractors and hence the preparation of comprehensive ITP and commissioning documents is key to ensure cohesive efforts to deliver the project on time and compliant with the specification requirements.
  • Our Project Managers supervise the commissioning process and coordinate our mechanical and electrical teams during all stages. Commissioning includes the testing of the various sub-systems including fuel transfer, cooling, acoustics, permanent load banks, load management systems and electrical output performance.
  • We can supply a wide range of temporary loads to meet the project requirements so as to ensure that the system is capable of providing reliable power at full continuous output.
  • Our services include Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Integrated System Testing (IST) where such requirements are included in the project brief.

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements

  • The final stage in a project involves the handover of equipment to the client at the commencement of the Defect Liability Period (DLP).
  • Most importantly, the ongoing reliability and performance of the system requires regular scheduled maintenance for which Generator Power offers our clients customised service packages which optimise the servicing schedule to suit the specific requirements of the client and installation.
  • As with the works completed during the installation, Generator Power offer a one-stop-shop for servicing which includes 24/7 support when required.
  • Our extensive range of Maintenance Services include:
  • - Switchboard & ATS Thermography
  • - Fuel Condition Checks & Polishing Services
  • - Fuel Storage & Transfer Solutions
  • - Load Bank Testing of UPS Systems, Generators & Power Proving Tests.
  • - Diesel Engine & Alternator Maintenance
  • - Cooling System Maintenance
  • - Load Management System operational checks
  • - Latest technology equipment including Himoinsa control system software
  • - Genuine Quality Parts & Accessories

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