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Technology & Asset Services



Project Duration

18 Months

Scope of Project

Supply & installation of a containerised generator set and ancillary equipment on level 7 roof top plant room, complete with fuel transfer system integrated into existing 2 x 5,000 litre bulk tanks located in tank chamber room on ground level. Generator control system is to be complete with peak lopping capability and a 320kW auto load shedding load bank.

Generator Supplied

HTW-1030 T5 Containerised Generator Set

Additional Services

Additional Inlet & Discharge Sound Attenuator module were installed for reduced noise level requirements to meet 75dBA@7m.  Also included was an additional secondary exhaust silencer, automatic fuel transfer system integrated into the existing 2 x 5000 litre fuel tanks as part of stage 1 works, along with peak lopping controls and auto load shedding load bank.

GPA Involvement

Due to site crane restriction, the Generator container had to be dismantled and lifted in pieces and then reassembled on the roof top plant room of the building into its final location. The generator control system included the capability of provide peak lopping operation during peak load periods on campus utilising the Woodward Easygen Generator controller as well as the Woodward LS5 circuit breaker control as well as Woodward MRU4 & MFR300 protection relays located with the main switchboard.

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