Supply & Installation


Electrical and Communications



Project Duration

6 Months

Scope of Project

Supply & installation of a 500kVA canopy generator set and ancillary equipment in the ground floor generator plant room, complete with 5,000 litre bulk fuel tank, housed in an adjacent space outside the plant room, with direct feed to the generator set.

Generator Supplied

HSW-500 T5 Canopy Generator Set

Additional Services

Supply and installation of a 5,000 litre direct supply bulk fuel tank

Additional secondary exhaust silencer, discharge attenuater and ductwork

GPA Involvement

The end result required was to successfully reduce the noise level of the standard HSW-500 T5 canopy Generator. Modifications were made to the canopy to be able to allow for vertical discharge which also included a discharge attenuator and ductwork to the facade of the plant room.

We also added a secondary silencer to ultimately achieve a noise level outside the plant room of 78dBA @ 7m. A 5000 litre bulk tank was installed just outside the generator plant room that supplied diesel direct to the generator set without the need for a fuel transfer system.

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