Supply & Installation


Communications & Data



Project Duration

18 Months

Scope of Project

Supply & installation of 2 x Base Building Generator Set and 2 x Tenant Generator Sets in Level 10 plant room, complete with fuel transfer system integrated into dedicated 30,000 and 20,000 litre bulk tanks located in the basement. Custom Built Generator Master Control Panels complete with HMI touch screen for load management of the building as well as a permanent 1000KW load bank for routine maintenance when needed.

Generator Supplied

2 x HTW-2295 Open Generator Set

2 x HTW-1530 Open Generator Set

Additional Services

Supply and installation of an Inlet & Discharge Sound Attenuator module for reduced noise level requirements to meet 78dBA@1m, exhaust silencer, automatic fuel transfer system integrated into 30,000 & 20,000 litre bulk tank and a 1000kW load bank.

GPA Involvement

Generator Power were engaged to position 4 generators into a tight space in the designated Generator plant room and still maintain adequate separations where needed. Due to the weight restriction of the site crane, the larger generator sets had to be dismantled and lifted up in pieces and then reassembled on the roof top. The generator control system includes load management system with dedicated PC for each generator set and separate master panels overlooking both systems controlling 3 ATS with Woodward DTSC controllers.

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