Load Banks

Load Banks are important! When using a backup power system, it is critically important to guarantee reliable functionality. Standby backup generators have many uses and application across many fields such as construction and mining, industries and agriculture. A power failure from these emergency power supplies can bring an entire operation to its knees with irrecoverable damages. A load bank helps you test the capabilities, reliability and maintenance of these supplies so you can have a guarantee that they will perform reliably when needed.

We offer an extensive range of top quality automatically load shedding and manually switchable Load Banks to suit your specific needs. Our Load Banks can confidently with stand everyday use and applications in harsh and demanding environments. We have power proving resistive load banks to suit most applications including workshop or on-site load testing and permanently installed auto base loading units to prevent “wet stacking” of diesel generating sets when running on light loads. Browse the selection below, we have the perfect load bank for you.

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