The Compact Series by HIMOINSA, featuring world-class Yanmar engines, is a testament to the synergy between durability and efficiency in diesel generator technology.

Offered by Generator Power, these generators are designed to deliver robust and reliable performance with the added benefit of compact efficiency. Each model within the Compact Series embodies the pinnacle of generator innovation, ensuring that whether you’re on a construction site, managing a remote facility, or in need of emergency backup power, you have access to the best in class power solutions.

Yanmar’s renowned engines provide the heart of these generators, promising longevity, reduced emissions, and exceptional fuel economy. Coupled with HIMOINSA’s design expertise, the Compact Series stands out for its user-friendly operation, easy maintenance, and adaptability to a wide range of applications. Generator Power’s commitment to quality means every generator is thoroughly tested and ready to perform when you need it most.

For those who demand reliability without compromise, the Compact Series is your power ally. Experience the difference with a diesel generator that goes beyond mere functionality to become a crucial component of your operations.

Contact Generator Power today to explore how the Compact Series can support your power needs and keep your business running without interruption.

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