• Product Name: H-BOX +
  • Floodlights: 4 x 350W LED
  • Mast Type: Hydraulic
  • Mast Height: 8.3 Meters
  • Tank Capacity: 220 Liters
  • Controller: CET 81
  • Coverage Area: Up to 6400 M2


The H-BOX + lighting tower is a powerhouse of illumination, designed to light up vast areas with ease. It features four 350W LED floodlights on an 8.3-meter hydraulic mast, ensuring broad coverage up to 6400 square meters. The tower is fortified with a substantial 220-liter tank for prolonged operations. Equipped with the sophisticated CET 81 controller, the H-BOX + guarantees top-tier performance and dependability for any project requiring exceptional lighting.