Yanmar-Himoinsa Generators: Powerful, Quiet and Durable

Apr 16, 2019

Yanmar-Himoinsa Generators: Experience Matters

Yanmar-Himoinsa generators have a well-deserved reputation as a top tier product. Given that Yanmar-Himoinsa generators are designed with over 144 combined years of power systems manufacturing experience, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Experience matters.

Although Yanmar-Himoinsa generators are constructed to the highest standard, utilize cutting edge technology and are designed by the best talent from Yanmar and HIMOINSA, those factors alone did not lead the company to become the world-class manufacturer it is today. The secret, of course, is experience. Specifically, experience in overcoming engineering obstacles presented by difficult, challenging environments all over the world.

Innovating and overcoming challenging projects has paved Yanmar-Himoinsa’s path to perfecting the three most sought after traits of a high quality genset: Powerful, Quiet, and Durable.

What Decibel Levels Actually Sound Like

As we mentioned before, Yanmar and HIMOINSA have a business relationship that spans back to 2006. After a near decade of partnership, Yanmar acquired a controlling stake in HIMOINSA. This symbiosis benefitted both companies greatly. HIMOINSA gained unfettered access to Yanmar’s unparalleled diesel engines and engineering savy, while Yanmar opened itself to the world through HIMOINSA’s massive distribution network.

Through pooling their resources, Yanmar-Himoinsa has been able to take on new challenges that require innovative designs and solutions. Their clients range from mining and telecom industries working in remote, hazardous conditions that require strong, reliable generators to the dense desert port city of Dubai, which needs versatile, silent running gensets.

For instance, Yanmar-Himoinsa generators were developed and deployed to Namibia where they provided critical support for a major copper mine operating under harsh environmental conditions. At a remote South African zinc mine expansion, Yanmar-Himoinsa was tasked with delivering a 2 MVA containerised unit to supply power for the installation. In Argentina, Yanmar-Himoinsa participated in the construction of the first hybrid microgrid to provide power for an entire community.

While this work is extremely important, one example of Yanmar-Himoinsa’s ingenuity stands apart. The assignment? Power a mining installation in one of the least hospitable places on earth.

Innovating Tavan Tolgoi: Powerful, Quiet, and Durable Applied

South of the Gobi desert in the remote reaches of southern Mongolia rests the Tavan Tolgoi (Five Hills) coal mine, which holds the world’s largest deposit of high quality coking coal. The mine is so large it is divided into six sections, and its reserves are estimated at 6.4 – 7.5 billion tonnes. From the ridge of one of the mining camps, the dusky black seams, valleys and basins devour the desert horizon. A mere 250 kilometers from the Chinese border, the camps exist in a roadless, mostly undeveloped limbo.

Withstanding Extreme Conditions

Used in steel production, the vast deposit of coking coal represents billions in untapped profit potential. All that stands in the way of the world’s largest deposit of coking coal is the dry, dusty air, near constant high winds that cover everything they pass in soot, and extreme seasonal temperatures. At Tavan Tolgoi, it isn’t uncommon for winters to plummet to -40 ºC as the sunlight dwindles to only a few hours a day. Severe winters are common enough the locals have a term for them: dzuds. Such a dzud struck in January of 2018, sinking temperatures to -50 ºC. Summers at Tavan Tolgoi rise to 35 °C, bringing drought to the already parched landscape.

A Generator tough enough to survive the elements

To compensate for the environmental challenges and working conditions of the mine, Yanmar-HIMOINSA needed a generator that could provide the power required to meet the mining installation’s needs in an emergency situation. The genset had to be portable so it could follow workers to the six different sections of the mine, reliable given the remote location, tough enough to survive the elements and invasive coal soot dust, and quiet enough for the miners who would work near it.

Yanmar- HIMOINSA dispatched five of their Apolo Start 4006 lighting towers and an HFW-250 T5 generator to the site. The HFW-250 T5 generator (similar in specifications to the HFW-200 T5 we keep in stock) was equipped with a preheater system, allowing the generator to start in freezing conditions while delivering its rated power of 250 kVA within 10 seconds time. The generator’s internal coating of rockwool (standard in all Yanmar- HIMOINSA generators) provided a high degree of sound insulation, producing just 30 decibels at 7 meters. The epoxy polyester powder finish worked to stave off corrosion (one of many reasons Yanmar - HIMOINSA generators are favored by the mining industry).

Powerful. Quiet. Durable.
And the lighting towers?

“These lighting towers can operate nonstop for up to 70 hours and go more than seven nights without refuelling,” says Manuel Sánchez Bada, Yanmar- HIMOINSA’s engineering manager. In winter, the Apolo Start 4006 lighting towers provide light 24 hours a day as the sun makes its appearance for only a few hours each cycle. During the summer, they run every night for the night shift miners.

Yanmar-HIMOINSA Generators: Experience Matters in Australia

With two commercial and warehouse locations in Sydney and Brisbane, Yanmar- HIMOINSA has already begun putting their hard won experience to work for Australians in both the residential and commercial sectors. Gas Product Manager of HIMOINSA, Manuel Aguilera, has considered Australia’s needs very carefully.

“HIMOINSA has developed an extensive range of generator sets with natural gas, LPG and biogas engines whose power ranges from 20 kW to 3.5 MW,” says Mr. Aguilera, “Powered by environmentally friendly fuels, these engines from prestigious brands ensure lower noise, less vibration, less pollutant emissions and low maintenance and operation cost.”

In other words: Powerful. Quiet. Durable.

A word from the editor

My name is Aaron Robins, I’m the sales manager at Generator Power. I have been in the generator game for over 10 years. I have supplied generators to residential and commercial clients for a wide range of various uses. My aim in writing this short article it that I may be able to arm you with the right information in order to help you make a wise decision. There are many people who make poorly informed decisions in my industry. This commonly results in loss of finances, wasted time and bucket loads of stress. I believe in doing a job right the first time and with as little stress possible. As a result I aim to educate potential customers so that people avoid these issues before they happen.

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