With any off-grid system a reliable long-term cost-effective generator set is a must to back up any Off-Grid system.

Generator Power provides tailored packages and delivers the right solution for you, using the Himoinsa range of Diesel Generators which utilises only the very best components to ensure continuity of your power needs with your Off-Grid system.

Finding the right balance between value for money and quality is paramount. The life cycle of Himoinsa generators being a slow speed 1500rpm will provide years of trouble free operation.

If you want the best value for money, use common business sense because the saying “You get what you pay for” is generally true! Future-proof your system by being realistic with your projected energy use and balancing this against your budget.

Off-Grid Energy Living SolutionsWHY OFF-GRID LIVING?

  • Building a new shed or workshop on an existing rural property
  • Building a new home in an area with no grid connection.
  • Looking for the perfect green-field solution for your holiday retreat/weekender without the ongoing commitment and cost of grid connection.
  • You have a small remote shed or shack that you need power for
  • Looking for sustainable living – self sufficient in energy, food, water etc.
  • The cost of connecting to the grid is higher than installing an independent Off-Grid system.
  • Connected to the grid but you suffer frequent blackouts

Start your journey to living off the grid with the best off grid diesel generators on the market. For expert, tailored, no obligation advice, contact us now and speak with one of our friendly team to find out more information.

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